Indian Scalp Massage                            $   45.00

Reflexology                                              $   80.00

Reiki Treatment                                      $   80.00

Chakra Treatment                                  $   85.00

Thai Hot Stem Massage                         $  195.00 (must be booked ahead of time)

Seaflora Head to Toe in Seaweed          $195.00


M.A.R.I. is a really useful and FUN tool to help get to the bottom of any “core” issues you may be needing help with.  Though this IS a form of Art Therapy, you need NO artistic ability.  All you need is to be open to the idea that you may not be all that you seem, and more likely, you are far more than even YOU know.  Ask about doing a class with friends.  Each session is approximately 1 hour.  $  80.00