Ahhhhh! Massage!

Relaxation Massage


1/2 hour $ 45.00                    full hour $75.00

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For an extra $10.00 add 100% pure essential oils specially blended for you.

Heavenly Honey Massage

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Enjoy the Natural Benefits of Honey.

full hour $100.00

Hot Stone Massage


Experience deeper relaxation.  Tension melts away as the warm stones soothe your muscles.

For an extra $10.00 add Lava Shells for deeper relaxation or Hot Bamboo to smooth out the Released tension.

1/2 hour $75.00                    full hour $110.00                    90 minutes $160.00


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Helps to activate the lymphatic system and aids in detoxification and reducing fluid retention.

full hour  $95.00

Thai Hot Stem Massage

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This is a unique blending of Traditional Thai Massage, Herbal Detoxifying Compress, Acupressure and Lomi Lomi for a extremely relaxing technique that is also great for targeting the facia and deeper tissues while increasing range of motion through stretching.

90 minutes $195.00